The Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapeutic technique inspired by the traditional Chinese massage and medicine. The name Shiatsu is translated as “finger pressure“. Through the combination of hand pressure and stretching techniques the therapist unblocks the essential vital life force – Chi (Qi or Ki) in the energy pathways – meridians in your body. The effect of shiatsu is holistic, as it treats the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Shiatsu also stimulates the blood circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid, releases toxins and muscle tension, stimulates the hormonal system and the immune system. It acts on the autonomic nervous system, allowing you to relax deeply and to get in touch with your own inner healing power.


  • back, neck and shoulder pain
  • muscle pain
  • headaches, migraines
  • digestive problems
  • low energy, insomnia
  • period problems, infertility
  • stress
  • depression, anxiety
  • emotional or mental exhaustions
  • support during difficult times and crisis

Shiatsu is performed on a shiatsu mat at floor level while staying fully dressed. Please bring loose, warm, comfortable clothing and socks.


I’m Sisa Dumalasova, a certified shiatsu therapist, graduate of 3 year shiatsu and Traditional Chinese medicine studies. I’m trained in various types of massage, but shiatsu is definitely my favorite method. I have also attended various body and psychotherapeutic classes that have affected my approach and communication skills.

During the treatment I always follow the needs of your energetic system. I carefully combine my intuition and experience and I believe that shiatsu always gives you what your body truly needs.

Shiatsu is an adventurous and beautiful path. I´m looking forward to being your guide and to witness the healthy and free flow of your energy, as well as the relief from your physical troubles or worries.


Treatment 90 minutes                    1.200 CZK

Treatment 120 minutes                  1.600 CZK

(After 7 p.m. and during weekends  1.600 / 2.000 CZK)

Vouchers for a shiatsu treatment also available.


PoPoli centrum, Víta Nejedlého 15, Prague 3

You can contact me by a phone + 420 775 011 122, or e-mail sisashiatsu@gmail.com.

Do you have any questions? Please call or text me. I´ll get back to you as soon as possible.